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Blue Era Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm giving rise to a blue-minded era where business and humanity come together for the greater good of the planet.

We support visionaries who build the ecoconscious technologies our communities and world need today.


Forward-thinking is now thinking. Welcome to the blue era of business.


Some would say we are true-blue. Fully committed to the unwavering
belief that businesses can do right for themselves, their community, and the world. We don’t rely on lofty language to communicate what matters most to us: supporting companies that will enhance the quality of life for generations.


We aspire to always be in the vanguard of the technological advances that will bring forth a more secure and sustainable future. We commit to leveraging our expertise to give voice to new ideas and perspectives that will bring us into a blue-minded era.


We take “seeing the big picture” seriously. Living in a world where we are all connected, where one action creates ripple effects beyond our imagination, it is of utmost importance for Blue Era Capital to lead by example when guiding a generation of businesses with a selfless desire for progress.

Blue Era Capital invests in and helps build visionary companies seeking the greater good of humanity and the planet through technology.
We are designed to support entrepreneurs from an early stage, helping them navigate the high-risk world of venture capitalism to build a pathway to growth and success without sacrificing the blue mindset that recognizes how purposeful technological advancements create positive effects individually and globally.
Blue Era Capital wholeheartedly believes creating a better world, where society and nature co-exist in alignment, is a choice we make every day.
This is why we nurture the unsung visionaries who will transcend what is thought to be impossible by bringing forward ideas that, simply said, will save humankind.


We Support Solutions For A Better Tomorrow

The world is moving fast…



Tomorrow will be here before we know it. Do we want to spend our time working towards a cleaner, more mindful, more abundant way of living? Or do we want to stay focused on quarterly reports, in spite of what it’s costing us as a whole?


At Blue Era Capital, we don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive.

Here, we think big picture.


The whole BIG PICTURE. Impact. Evolution. Metrics that include not only balance sheets, but also resources used. How what we create affects production and after-use pollution, as well as effects on culture, society, and mental health.


Unsustainable business practices are outdated. We are here to support you in implementing a sustainability foundation for your company – start-up or already established – so that you can play a greater role in co-creating our planet’s future.

Dream big. Think Blue. Let’s do this together.


Blue Era Capital is seeking companies who share that belief in a better tomorrow. Pioneers who recognize the issues with our current systems. And who possess the combination of bold vision and daring action to create change through advancements in technology and the way we do business as a global society.

Sun & Swell Foods


Sun & Swell Foods is your one-stop-shop for organic, fresh, plastic-free groceries.


They set out to be an example of what business can look like when we put out people and planet above all else.


Each year, they donate 1% of their revenue to non-profit organizations that are taking action to expand the use of composting or that help support areas that have been impacted negatively by plastic pollution.


Like Blue Era Capital, Sun & Swell Foods believes that profit, people, planet, and purpose all can (and should) coexist. As a B-Corp, they carefully consider the impact our decisions have on all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, the surrounding community, consumers and the environment.


Visit their website: sunandswellfoods.com

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Or email us directly at hello@blueeracapital.com